We all know what it’s like to visit the Kentucky State Fair. You eat some really questionable fried foods, try to keep your stomach in check on the Tilt-A-Whirl, pet some goats, listen to some classic rock, and pretend you know what makes one quilt better than another.

Eric Allgeier

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But what’s it like to live at the Kentucky State Fair? What happens after the crowds go home? And how do they get all that stuff out of there when the fair is over?

WFPL’s Curious Louisville Producer Laura Ellis (and fair superfan) is looking for answers. She’ll be living full-time at the fair for a week, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at #fairlife and answering your Curious Louisville questions, in a project we’re calling Fairly Curious.

So far, folks are asking things like:

  • What is fair pie & jam judging culture like? Do they come back year after year with refined pie & jam palates?
  • Who sews Freddie Farm Bureau’s giant jeans? Do they carry his size at the big and tall?
  • What’s with the Governor’s Garden and what are those gourds used for?
  • How often are people arrested at the fair?
  • Is there a backup plan in case Freddy goes rogue, crashes through Freedom Hall, and starts eating the fair-goers?

We want to add your question to the mix. Ask it in the form below, and we might just invite you out to the fair to help us look for the answer. Then tune in or visit curiouslouisville.org August 20-27 to hear the results!