The Fairness Campaign’s efforts to expand anti-discrimination laws in Richmond, Kentucky have stalled, but the organization is still focusing on other cities.

In Kentucky, only Louisville, Lexington and Covington currently have laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing and employment. The Fairness Campaign has spent months working to make Richmond the 4th city to pass such a law. But director Chris Hartman says the efforts have stalled, and there’s no estimate on when Richmond lawmakers may vote on a fairness ordinance.

“Things are moving along there, but, surprisingly, it looks like Berea is better poised to pass a local anti-discrimination fairness law than is Richmond, and we expect that once Berea passes their law, Berea may well fall next,” he says.

Hartman says the campaign’s work in cities is part of a multi-faceted approach. The campaign is also pushing for expanded protections and rights on the state and federal levels.