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The Louisville area is in for a stormy Sunday—and, under the right circumstances, damaging winds and even an isolated tornado are possible. 

It seems sort of late in the year for that sort of thing, right? The National Weather Service in Louisville must’ve been thinking the same thing, because the local meteorologists went through their records to see how frequently the Louisville region (Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana) has endured autumn tornados.

Since they’ve kept records (1830), the weather service has recorded 15 November days when tornadoes happened—and every month has had at least five through history. December has the fewest (five) followed by, maybe surprisingly, September’s six.

April has the most tornado days through history, with 62.

Charts and a breakdown on the size of those tornados can be found here.

As for today, a wind advisory will be in effect in Louisville and surrounding areas from 11 a.m. Sunday to midnight, the weather service said. The weather service is expecting wind gusts of as strong as 40 miles per hour.