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From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

A family court judge for Kentucky’s Bourbon, Scott and Woodford counties must answer to charges leveled by the Judicial Conduct Commission.

In February, Family Court Judge Tamra Gormley was presiding over a divorce case, that included a request for modification of a domestic violence order against the husband.

Gormley had the man brought before the court, and with no lawyers present, found him in contempt of court for speaking to his wife in the hallway outside the courtroom and for going to her house the night before.

Gormley did not personally witness either action and the husband received no notice he was facing a contempt charge.

The Judicial Conduct Commission says Gormley demeaned the man during the hearing, and at a later hearing with his lawyer present, refused to reconsider the contempt charge.

In that case and two others, Gormley is accused of several violations of the Judicial Code of Conduct. She denies any ethical violations that warrant sanctions. A hearing is set for September.