Fresh from his campaign launch, Republican Senate candidate Matt Bevin will speak at this year’s annual Fancy Farm picnic.

Bevin faces Senator Mitch McConnell in the GOP primary. McConnell will also speak at Fancy Farm, as will Democratic candidate and Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Grimes and McConnell are headliners at the August 3rd event, but Bevin’s entry now puts two of McConnell’s opponents on the stage. This lands the Senator in the middle of a crossfire and he and his allies will have to jab to the left and the right in their remarks. This will be the first head-to-head (to head) meeting for the candidates. 

Update: Fancy Farm officials have confirmed that Democratic candidate Ed Marksberry will also speak at the picnic. 

But two notables won’t be present at this years picnic: Governor Steve Beshear and Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson.

Democratic Party Chairman Dan Logsdon told the AP Beshear and Abramson are unable to attend, but the governor plans to be at next year’s event, at which the focus will likely be on the Senate contest and the 2015 gubernatorial race.