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Nearly one year after the shooting death of 20-year-old Savannah Walker at the Tim Faulkner Gallery, her father, Dean Walker, has filed a lawsuit against the venue.

Gallery owners Tim Faulkner and Margaret Archambault are named as defendants in the suit, as are Anthony Ashby, Allen Hudson, Dathon Martin and Demetrious Ashby, who ran F.A.O Entertainment, the company that promoted the concert Walker attended.

As Courier Journal reported, Walker claims the gallery did not provide proper security and patron screening, which led to his daughter’s death. The suit, filed Wednesday in Jefferson Circuit Court, also claims the gallery didn’t have the proper liquor license to serve alcohol at a concert event.

The suit also claims the defendants “were negligent in allowing their facility to be used for an event, on or about March 18, 2017, which they knew or should have known would have a high likelihood for violence without proper planning, venue layout, security and training of persons on site.”

On March 19, with hundreds of people packed into the Tim Faulkner Gallery for a concert, a person began shooting. Five were wounded, and Walker was killed. Police have still not made any arrests.

The suit seeks a jury trial and monetary damages.

Dean Walker did not immediately return a request for comment. He is being represented by Louisville attorneys Tyler Thompson, Marshall Rowland and Liz Shepherd.

When contacted for comment, Faulkner and Archambault responded via email they weren’t “aware of any lawsuit until now.” They did not return a request for further comment.