Louisville Metro Government’s Merger 2.0 task force will hold its last public hearing tonight.

The panel was assembled earlier this year to assess the first eight years of merger and recommend changes to city operations and to the state law that allowed merger to happen. There have been three public hearings so far to allow residents to sound off on merger. But Mayor Greg Fischer says nearly a decade after the government consolidation, many residents are seeking clarity, rather than suggesting reforms.

“People want information still,” he says. “People say ‘Why are these services outside the urban services district than in.’ So a lot is just reminding people and reviewing with people what merger actually was.”

Urban services are a major sore spot of merger. Residents of the old city pay an extra tax for city-provided garbage collection and similar services. Small cities or private companies do the job in the suburbs. The panel will also look at public safety, fire protection and transportation issues. Their final report is due to the mayor this fall.

Tonight’s meeting is at 7 pm at the  East Government Center, 200 Juneau Drive.