The last batch of public comments on Louisville’s bike and pedestrian master plan will be accepted Thursday. Residents of west and central Louisville have been invited to the final public forum on the plan.

The master plan sets the course for bike lane expansions and sidewalk improvements in Louisville. 4th District Councilman David Tandy says many of his constituents have encouraged him to push for more bike lanes downtown and in surrounding areas.

“Around where Slugger Field is, you saw where we changed a lot of the striping to include a bike lane and that’s helped address some of the problems,” he says. “What we want to do is expand that throughout more of the central business district.”

Tandy says because they only involve repainting, bike lanes can be added more quickly than sidewalks can be rebuilt, though some sidewalks have already been redone with federal stimulus dollars. The meeting will also allow residents to comment on a proposal to allow traffic to flow in both directions on parts of Northwestern Parkway.