In a speech Friday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer outlined several agenda goals to make the city more diverse.

The University of Louisville NETWORK hosted the event, where Fischer addressed the racial disparities between whites and African-Americans and the growing international community.

Among the mayor’s goals were: redeveloping west Louisville for retail business; encouraging black entrepreneurs; and closing the achievement gap in public education.

Fischer said the top goal is to reduce the economic disparity between black and whites. According to census data, the median household income for white households in Louisville is $50,532 but only $27,861 for African-Americans.

The mayor also highlighted the dearth of a black middle-class.

“We need more blacks as part of the middle and upper classes and the way to achieve that is through higher education and better jobs,” says Fischer. “I’m a data-driven guy and the facts don’t lie. If you have a college degree, you earn more money. It’s simple as that.”

West Louisville resident Aukram Burton, who attended the luncheon, says time will tell if the mayor’s plan will work.

“I want to believe. I’ve been with him and involved with his campaign. I think he’s got it there. It’s in his mind and it’s in his heart. So the issue now is pulling people together and organizing around that,” he says.

For Fischer’s full speech, go here.