by Sheila Ash

The two candidates for Louisville Metro Mayor met for another debate Thursday, this time at the Rotary Club’s weekly meeting. The candidates spent several minutes discussing the politics of independent candidate Jackie Green’s decision to endorse Democrat Greg Fischer.

Republican Hal Heiner says Fischer promised Green influence in Metro Government in exchange for his support.

In the debate, Fischer said Heiner has done the same thing.

“Hal you’re a hypocrite,” said Fischer. “Tom Owen released a press release at 11:30 today saying the day before Tyler Allen endorsed your campaign you met with him you promised him input into your administration, you’re now telling me that that’s bad to give people input into your administration.”

Heiner then insisted he did not promise to give Allen influence.

“Tom has shown time and time again that he’s a hard line partisan so you know it doesn’t surprise me at all that he would come out with the comments that he did today.”

The entire debate can be heard below. For more, visit The Edit.