Louisville Mayor-elect Greg Fischer paid a visit to Metro Hall Wednesday. Fischer spoke with current Mayor Jerry Abramson about issues he will face upon taking office in January.

One of the chief topics is the city budget. Lagging finances have largely defined Abramson’s most recent term, but the mayor says Fischer will not face the same problems.

“We projected our revenues correctly,” says Abramson. “Of course, we kept cutting them; three years ago we cut them, and we cut them again two years ago, we cut them again two years ago, we cut them again last year. But we’re on target and our expenses are holding in line with what we had said we could manage.”

Fischer’s campaign manager will lead the transition, and more staff will be added soon.¬†Fischer says the first thing he’ll do upon taking office is send a letter to various department heads asking if they want to stay with the city.

“If they do, review what they feel like their strengths and weaknesses are, their opportunities and threats, what they see as their challenges that they see looking forward, what kind of data do they use to evaluate the performance of their departments and make the case for them keeping their positions,” he says.

Fischer also says he will meet with the County Attorney to determine if any of his business holdings or positions need to be altered before he assumes office.