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Mayor Greg Fischer has signed an ordinance banning the use of certain fireworks like roman candles and bottle rockets, which the Metro Council previously allowed to be sold.

The council narrowly passed the ordinance last week by a single vote with some council members absent or refusing to vote either way. The ordinance was introduced earlier this year after the Kentucky General Assembly lifted the ban on heavy fireworks. Some, like St. Mathews and Jeffersontown, passed measures prohibiting sales. The council voted to allow heavier fireworks, but at the time said it would continue to consider pubic safety.

Louisville is simply reverting back to the low-level fireworks allowed before, said councilwoman Madonna Flood, who was the primary sponsor of the ban. The issue is a matter of public safety, she said.

Some council members testified that the number of injuries this past Independence Day, when compared to previous years, remained the same, but the severity of injuries had increased.

Louisville is now allowing only the low-level fireworks allowed before, like sparklers. Metro Council has tabled another ordinance that allows the sale of heavier fireworks, but limits the times when they can be sold.