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It’s the premiere episode of Five Things! Very excited to share my new podcast with the world.

Here’s the basic concept: each week, my guest chooses five things — physical objects — that have been important in his or her life, and we talk about them. Sometimes the objects are precious and expensive; sometimes they’re only valuable for the emotions they bring up. Some guests arrive at our studio lugging unwieldy bags, and some people — including this week’s guest — can fit everything into their pocket.

I’d heard about this local rapper who called himself 1200 — sometimes spelled out as Twelve Hunna — but I didn’t know much about him before he performed¬†with Teddy Abrams and the Louisville Orchestra.

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Here was a guy who was obviously steeped in the hip-hop tradition but had classical chops as well. And when I found out that his day job was teaching music at an elementary school… I knew he was someone I wanted to invite on the show.

His name is Jecorey Arthur, he was born and raised in west Louisville, and he’s all of 24 years old. He’s charming, thoughtful, ambitious, and surprising. I hope you enjoy getting to know him.

You can listen to an excerpt of our conversation in the audio player above. Subscribe to Five Things wherever you get your podcasts.

Tara Anderson is the host and producer of Five Things, a podcast about the objects that tell our stories.