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Kentucky’s policy on lowering the flag in honor of fallen soldiers has recently changed, and some veterans groups are opposed to that change. Under the previous policy, flags were lowered to half-staff to honor fallen soldiers who had served with a Kentucky unit. The flag remained lowered until after the soldier’s burial.

Governor Steve Beshear last month changed the policy to honor only Kentucky-born soldiers, and only on the day of their burial.

State Adjutant Ken Hart with the American Legion of Kentucky says the move slights soldiers who are based in Kentucky, but may not be Kentuckians.

“We have very many people who serve on military bases within the confines of the state of Kentucky, particularly at Fort Campbell and Fort Knox. I believe restricting it to native-born Kentuckians is appalling,” says Hart.

Over a three month period earlier this year, flags were lowered 26 times for 26 soldiers. Four of those soldiers were Kentuckians.