Food sustainability and justice are the themes of Saturday's Healthy Foods, Local Farms conference in Louisville.

Aloma Dew, the conference coordinator, says people should have a right to know where their food is coming from and whether it has been modified.

“When you’re in the middle class, you can generally afford to be choosier about your food but not everybody has that luxury and that’s not right, and that’s not just,” Dew says. ” So we have to expose the problems of the food system as it exists now, educate people about what there really is and what there could be and help everybody to achieve that.”

The conference will feature a seasonal lunch and snacks from local farms. Dew says this will be a great opportunity for networking with people who have an interest in sustainability and justice. Wenonah Hauter, Dr. Michele Morak and Barton Seaver will be speaking at this conference.

Dew says sustainability and justice in the food industry is relevant in people's daily lives,  and she hopes this conference will foster awareness.

“We have, particularly in the state of Kentucky, really serious health problems and many of them can be linked to the kinds of food people eat,” Dew says. “We feel very strongly that meat with antibiotics and hormones is unhealthy. We want people to understand that and push for a system where you have a choice.”

The conference will be held at Kentucky Country Day School, located at 4100 Springdale Road.

For more information and to register to attend, visit healthyfoodslocalfarmsconference.org.