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Trying to close a $20 million dollar budget shortfall, Louisville Metro Government is offering the Fraternal Order of Police several concession options aimed at trimming more than $1 million, but the union has rejected all of them.

They include charging officers more for the use of their take-home cruisers, foregoing pay raises or cutting vacation time.

Mayor Jerry Abramson says all city workers are being asked to sacrifice.

“When you’re talking about 60 percent of your budget coming from Police, Fire, EMS and Corrections, they’ve got to be a significant participant to balance the budget,” Abramson said.

Louisville FOP President John McGuire says a change in the vehicle policy would compromise safety.

“That will lead to fewer officers being on the street in an off-duty capacity, and that’s major,” McGuire said.

The mayor said there are cost-cutting measures the city can impose on the police department without the union’s consent.

Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."