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It’s his ninth bid for political office since 1983, and his fifth bid for governor, but Lexington lawyer Gatewood Galbraith is confident of victory this time.

Galbraith is running as an Independent for governor, which means he will need the signatures of five thousand registered voters to get his name on the ballot. Asked about what effect the Tea Party may have on the campaign, Galbraith says he’s been preaching their philosophy for years.

“Now I’ve always stood for less government, less taxes, less intrusive government, cutting down the size of government and now the people are just now beginning to realize just how far this dysfunctionality has gone. And so we look to take a tremendous number of votes out of those folks who want to see less government and less taxes. That’s what I’ve stood for my whole political campaign,” he said Wednesday.

Galbraith’s running mate is Shelby County political consultant Dea Riley. The two announced their intentions during a news conference in the rotunda of the State Capitol.

(Undated photo from www.facebook.com)