Louisville’s Forecastle Festival energy usage will be offset entirely with green power for the first time this year.

Forecastle is partnering with Arcadia Power, a company that buys Renewable Energy Certificates—or RECs—from wind farms around the company to offset power created from fossil fuels.

Forecastle founder JK McKnight said offsetting the festival’s carbon emissions is something he’s always wanted to do.

“It’s something that I think, being a festival that promotes sustainability and being environmentally conscious, it’s kind of the next level for us to get to that, to where our carbon emissions are being completely offset, actually more than offset, by the partnership with Arcadia,” he said.

Arcadia did a full audit of the festival’s previous on-site energy usage, which includes all the electricity used by the vendors, the stages, lighting and sound. Forecastle purchased enough kilowatt hours of renewable energy to cover all that, plus an additional 15-20 percent, McKnight said.

As far as he knows, Forecastle will be the first festival in the country to entirely offset its carbon emissions, McKnight said.

“I saw the vision of their company and I believe in it 110 percent and really thought what they’re doing is very much needed in the entertainment industry, and we wanted to be that first festival,” he said.

McKnight said the cost of buying the RECs will be absorbed by Forecastle and not passed along to festival-goers. The Forecastle Festival is July 17-19 in Louisville.