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Forest conservation group the Dogwood Alliance is taking issue with fast food chain KFC’s claims of environmental responsibility. The Alliance says KFC could be using more post-consumer content in its recycled packaging.  Spokesman Scot Quaranda says  KFC’s intent to use the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, or SFI’s, paper product certification program is misguided.

“The SFI certifies as sustainable practices such as large scale clear-cutting, the conversion of natural forests to plantations, the logging of endangered forests, widespread use of toxic chemicals in forest management, and has even said that they would be fine if we introduced genetically engineered trees to our forests,” says Quaranda.

Many environmental groups mistrust SFI, which was launched by the timber industry. Instead, Dogwood Alliance and others endorse the Forest Stewardship Council’s certification program.  KFC declined to talk to WFPL, but said in a statement that it’s committed to the environment.  KFC’s website says 90% of its paperboard packaging will be certified by SFI in May.