An upcoming University of Louisville Kentucky Author Forum event will focus on the ongoing investigation of election interference by Russia. Malcolm Nance, an NBC News contributor and a former Naval intelligence officer, will discuss his book, “The Plot to Hack America.”

Nance will be interviewed by Ned Price, a former CIA analyst. I spoke with Price about the Russia investigation as well as the changes the Trump administration is making at the CIA. You can listen to our conversation in the media player above.

Highlights from the interview:

Price on data company Cambridge Analytica’s ties to Trump:

“I think what we’ve learned in recent days is just how ingrained and enmeshed Cambridge Analytica was to…within the Trump campaign. The UK’s Channel 4 special report actually has a Cambridge Analytica chief executive on camera saying that Cambridge Analytica essentially ran the Trump campaign’s social and digital operations.”

On CIA director Mike Pompeo being nominated to head the State Department:

“Mike Pompeo is not your typical CIA director and I think that has created some significant red flags. CIA directors in the past, from the agency’s start in the late 1940s, with just a couple of exceptions, have really kept to the strict mandate of the intelligence agency and that is to take a just the facts approach … Mike Pompeo however, has taken a very different approach. He previously was a congressman from Kansas, came into the job with some very hardened and somewhat extreme policy views. He has not since hesitated to air those both publicly and from what I understand, privately.”

The University of Louisville Kentucky Author Forum event with Ned Price and Malcolm Nance will take place April 5. Details here

Bill Burton is the Morning Edition host for WFPL News.