A former University of Louisville assistant men’s basketball coach has been charged by federal officials with extortion.

The U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky said Dino Gaudio threatened to go to the media with allegations of NCAA recruiting violations if he was not paid his salary for another 17 months or given an equivalent lump sum.

Officials said Gaudio made the threat in a meeting with UofL personnel after he was informed in March that his contract would not be renewed.

The alleged NCAA violations involved the production of recruiting videos and the use of graduate assistants in basketball practices.

Louisville head coach Chris Mack brought Gaudio on to his staff in 2018. He decided not to renew the contracts of Gaudio and another assistant, Luke Murray, at the end of this past season.

UofL and Mack said in statements that they will continue to cooperate with authorities on the matter and will fully review the allegations of NCAA violations.

Gaudio’s attorney, Brian Butler, told WDRB that his client lost his temper during the meeting and and “said some things he regrets saying.” Butler said Gaudio will take responsibility for his comments.

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