Arts and Culture

On Friday, Fund for the Arts announced four Louisville organizations would be receiving grants via the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund.

Actors Theatre of Louisville will receive $50,000 for a study for possible building enhancements; Kentucky Shakespeare will use their $12,000 grant to launch a new website; The Louisville Orchestra received $25,000 in funding for the new work “The Greatest: Muhammad Ali”; and StageOne Family Theatre’s $10,000 grant will go towards the new play, “American Tales — John Henry, Pecos Bill and Brer Rabbit.”

In total, the organizations will receive nearly $100,000 in grant funding.

Created in the spring of 2016, the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund supports the mission of Fund for the Arts by backing local cultural initiatives and arts education.

In a release, Meredith Lawrence, the director of the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund, said: “The entire Lawrence family is proud to help propel Jennifer’s hometown forward through supporting our world-class arts and cultural community.”

This isn’t the first round of grants to come through the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund. In August, the organization matched Louisville Metro Government’s funding with an additional $250,000 to carry out the Imagine Greater Louisville 2020 plan.