Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

Louisville Metro Parks is opening its four outdoor pools this weekend.

Spokesperson Jason Cissell says they traditionally open the pools over Memorial Day weekend, but sometimes they don’t get a lot of initial turnout.

“We’re pretty optimistic about this weekend,” says Cissell, “a lot of times come Memorial Day weekend, the temperatures are still in the 70’s and it’s a slow weekend for us. But with the forecast being pretty good, we’re hopeful it’ll be a great weekend for us.”

Cissell says rates have been raised at the pools to two dollars for children and three dollars for adults. The pools will be open this weekend, then closed next week, then open again on June 5th.

The pools being operated this summer are at Algonquin Park, Nelson Hornbeck Park in Fairdale, Camp Taylor, and Sun Valley.