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The plan to turn south 4th Street in Louisville into a retail hub is awaiting final approval from the Downtown Development Corporation.

The plan was first unveiled at a public meeting last week. It outlines how the two blocks between Broadway and Muhammad Ali Boulevard could be modified to host dozens of independent or local retail stores.

Much of the growth relies on businesses deciding to open on 4th Street, but the DDC is prepared to offer help through loans, lease negotiations and zoning law changes. DDC director Alan DeLisle says all of that will be added to the plan before it’s approved and implemented.

DeLisle says a merchandising plan will outline “the types of merchants that should be located on the street, some of the public policy that needs to be addressed to get there, [and] it will include a list of perspective retailers.”

There is no timeline for final approval of the plan. DeLisle says most comments about it from the city and the public have been positive.