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Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has decided to close a minimum security prison and make it a training academy for Kentucky State Police.

Beshear says the state no longer needs the Frankfort Career Development Center, which houses 205 low-risk inmates.

“Our inmate population has dropped, more than 1600 inmates, between February 15, 2008 and April 20 of this year. This is a sustained drop and we expect that trend to continue,” he says.

KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer is happy with th development.

“I’d like to thank Secretary Brown and Governor Beshear for their innovativeness and their leadership in allowing us to do that – and definitely the Department of Corrections for their generosity. It’s not many days that you get a 362 acre complex deeded over to you,” he says.

Positions at other correctional facilities have already been found for the 47 staff members at the Frankfort prison. The inmates will be sent to county jails, halfway houses and community supervision. KSP will get keys to the prison on July 1st.