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The Lead Safe Louisville Project is promoting free screenings for qualified homeowners in conjunction with this week’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week.

Metro Community Services spokeswoman Debbie Belt says the screening is open to Louisvillians whose homes were built before 1978 and who have children younger than 6, among others.

“Any homes or apartments or others built before 1978 are likely to have lead-based paint. So, yes, indeed it’s still an issue and it’s something we just want to make people aware of.”

Lead poisoning can cause kidney damage, learning disabilities and even death with high levels of exposure.

The risk is particularly high in homes with chipped or peeling paint on doors, exterior siding, windows or woodwork.

Belt says people whose homes have lead issues may also qualify for assistance in mitigating the hazards.

Residents can call Metro Community Services at (502) 574-4377  to find out if they qualify for the free inspection. 

“Homes that would have the chipping, or peeling paint on doors, windows, woodwork or exterior siding. If children ingest those chips, they’re in-taking that lead paint.”