The Jefferson County Public Schools and Louisville Metro Government summer food programs have begun. Any minor can now get free breakfast and lunch throughout the summer at several school and community locations.

The programs are mainly funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Summer food programs have been offered in Jefferson County for years, but participation has dwindled the past few years as the number of sites has decreased, said Julia Bauscher, nutrition director for JCPS.  

The programs provide one free breakfast and lunch per day to all residents under 18-years-old at over 80 sites throughout the county. Through JCPS's 46 locations over 6,000 meals are served each day during the summer months. 

Many of the sites are open, so students can walk in and eat without signing up, said Bauscher.

“There are a few closed sites, where we’re providing meals at that school but for one reason or the other the principal decided not to have an open site, and so the meals are only provided to students enrolled in the program occurring at that location,” said Bauscher.

Metro Government is running a similar program, but the number of sites it offers has fallen after several for-profit childcare businesses were no longer eligible for reimbursements, she said. 

Click here to see the nearest Metro Government program location.

Click here to see the nearest JCPS program location.