The Future Fund has purchased more land along one of the last remaining unprotected parts of Floyds Fork near Fisherville.

Founder Steve Henry said he acquired 158 acres for conservation along the creek last Tuesday. Henry says it’s one of the largest remaining forested areas along Floyd’s Fork.

“If you look at the project today, it’s one of the few areas where you’ve got a two-mile stretch that’s still not protected in the entire corridor,” Henry said.

The sale builds on 3,800 acres already protected as part of the Parklands of Floyds Fork. With the latest acquisition, Henry said the Future Fund saved land at risk for development.

“We negotiated with the developers and asked them to sell us 158 acres, most of which is close to the creek,” Henry said.

Developer Long Run Creek Properties still plans on building more than 600 homes in a subdivision known as Covington by the Park.

Long Run Creek Properties did not immediately return calls for comment.

Henry said the acquired lands will provide a buffer zone that helps to protect the watershed from pollution caused by development.

“We can’t stop development in the community but what we are trying to do is stop heavy development right on Floyds Fork and protect the water quality,” Henry said.

Runoff from asphalt and lawns can include fertilizer, oil, herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals that can impair streams.

The land cost about $2 million. The Future Fund made the purchase with help from the Forecastle Foundation.

Ryan Van Velzer is WFPL's Energy and Environment Reporter.