Local News

With polls indicating a close presidential race in Indiana, Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will once again visit the Hoosier state Wendesday.

It’s been 44 years since a Democratic presidential candidate won Indiana in the general election, and with a rally in Jeffersonville Sarah Palin aims to extend that number.

Polls have shown John McCain’s lead in the state has slipped, and both presidential campaigns have stepped up their efforts to win Hoosier votes. GOP spokesperson Jay Kenworthy says the party is focusing on parts of the state that Democrat Barack Obama failed to carry in the primary election.

“Only one of the counties that he won was south of Bloomington so we really expect to do well in southern Indiana, in the rural parts of the state and in the suburbs of Indianapolis and Fort Wayne and some of those other big cities,” he says.

Governor Palin has visited Fort Wayne and Indianapolis this month. She will be joined in Jeffersonville by musician Hank Williams Jr.