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Gov. Steve Beshear will be in Louisville Tuesday to talk with education representatives from over 20 states.

Louisville is hosting a conference on the Common Core State Standards this week. Attendees include higher-education leaders who want to align their college and career readiness standards with those in place at public schools.

Kentucky is one of the only states that has currently implemented the new standards for this school year, said Robyn Oatley, a project manager with the Pritchard Committee for Academic Excellence. 

“Our legislature did not want accountability to go unchecked that long and so they mandated that we develop a new assessment system to be implemented this school year,” she said.

Other states will be rolling out the common core standards over the next few years and in the 2014-2015 school year states will have the chance to pick one of two common core state tests, she said.

“Kentucky will then have the option to stay with what we’ve developed up until this point to meet Senate Bill 1 or so go with one of the consortium testings,” Oatley said.

Education leaders will be in Louisville until Wednesday.