Local News

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced earlier this summer that he and other officials would launch an investigation into why gas prices have been higher in Louisville than elsewhere in the state.  Last month, the average price at the pump in Louisville was $4.25, although it’s since fallen to $3.80.  Spokesman Jay Blanton says that the Governor, along with Attorney General Jack Conway and Mayor Jerry Abramson have been sifting through information regarding Louisville and regional gas prices for some answers.

“So what we’ve been doing is working with the attorney general to analyze some pretty in depth data on gas prices over a fairly lengthy period of time to try to ascertain what the issues are with respect to gas prices at the pump,” says Blanton.

Blanton says they’ve determined that retail gas stations are not responsible for the higher prices.  But they suspect the problem is at the wholesale, or supplier level.  Blanton says the next steps include tackling the issue with wholesalers and eventually reporting their findings to the public.