Residents living near Bowman Field have launched a new website to relay information about a proposal to trim or remove some of the area’s largest trees.

Last year, the Regional Airport Authority announced a plan to trim or remove some of the largest trees near Bowman Field to comply with new federal aviation regulations. Neighborhoods like Seneca Gardens and Kingsley have lots of old trees, and residents were concerned about what the trimming would do to the value of their property —as well as on air and noise pollution.

Several of those residents launched Plea for the Trees last week as a one-stop informational resource for those living near Bowman Field. Michael Hayman is one of the group’s founding members.

“We needed to get information out,” he said. “There are people asking questions and especially since it’s been so long since there’s been any public information, so this website summarizes it and will keep people up to date.”

Hayman says it’s important for residents to know what’s going on in the process. The Airport Authority is expected to choose a contractor at their meeting next week to survey the obstacles near the airport, and Hayman is lobbying for alternatives to tree removal and trimming.

“There are possibilities for changing that plan, adjusting it, so all the trees don’t have to be cut down, or fewer trees,” he said. “I doubt we’ll get away with no trees being cut down, but I do think there is a possibility that there will be fewer trees cut down.”

Hayman says options like lighting the tallest trees or changing the slope of the airport’s runway could also help Bowman Field comply with the new rules.