The Greater Clark County Schools board will vote Monday night on whether to hire Dr. Andrew Melin as the new superintendent to replace Stephen Daeschner.  

If board members vote against his hire, Melin says it  won’t be a reflection of his ability to lead.

Melin, currently superintendent of Indiana’s Valparaiso Community Schools, was whittled down from a pool of 17. The district’s search committee chose him as the finalist last week while not releasing the names of any other candidates.

Melin addressed southern Indiana residents in his first official public introduction last week. He answered questions regarding how he plans to continue the district's success and he addressed questionable spending practices in his current district.

Some board members have already said they will not vote for Melin and that the hiring process has been moving too quickly with too many inconsistencies.

Melin says the board’s decision not renew current Superintendent Stephen Daeschner may be playing a role in some board member's decisions on whether to vote him in.

“I think that is playing a role in the minds of some board members. And I respect the fact that people have an opinion and what I really respect is that they’re communicating their thoughts to me,” he says.

Melin further says if board members do choose to vote against him, that they openly address the reasons why.

“My main concern is, I want to make sure that should they choose to vote no that its not a reflection on me, or of me, and that they would state that to some extent publicly, so people are aware,” he said.

Daeschner was earning $225,000 as superintendent, but the contract proposed for Melin is  $170,000. If the board does approve contract, he says he hopes the board will fully support him going forward.

The board will vote Monday at 7 pm.