Residents of Louisville’s 1st Metro Council District are troubled as charges against Councilwoman Judy Green continue to mount.

Green has been accused of circumventing council rules by instructing a non-profit to ask for more money than it needed from the council, then reroute that money at Green’s discretion. That’s on top of charges that a city-funded summer jobs program benefited members of her family.

In the Chickasaw neighborhood, resident Vanessa Lackey says the investigations into Green’s spending have disappointed and upset people in District 1, who are worried that a review of allocations could result in cuts to discretionary spending.

“This is tax dollars money and that’s what it’s supposed to be. And a lot of people are upset, well if they’re taking the a taxes out of our money and have us paying taxes once a year for these neighborhood grants why isn’t it being used for the neighborhood?”

The Government Accountability and Ethics committee will review the allocation process and consider changes to the way allocated money is tracked Wednesday.

On Thursday, the Metro Ethics Commission will meet to discuss a complaint filed against Green and a possible amendment to that complaint that adds new charges.