In the Indiana governor's race, Democrat John Gregg is continuing to bash Republican Mike Pence over controversial remarks comparing the Supreme Court's health care ruling to the terror attacks of September 11.

The Gregg campaign is touting an interview Pence did with a local television station in Indianapolis, which asked him to clarify his original comment. But the congressman refuses to tell reporters what the initial remarks were.

Check it out:

Pence campaign spokeswoman Christy Denault told WFPL that repeating the original remarks isn't necessary and the congressman has moved on.

“The issue has already been put to rest for most people,” she says. “Hoosiers are very understanding folks who have their own passions. And I think you'd be hard pressed to find a Hoosier who would say 'gosh, I never said something I didn't regret' or never made a mistake. By and large, Hoosiers said whether they agreed or disagree or felt indifferent they accepted the apology and have moved on.”