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Members of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth are preparing for next week’s I Love Mountains Day rally in Frankfort.

Several members performed a skit in the Capitol Rotunda today depicting fake legislators and coal operators trading cash while the sick and needy looked on. KFTC member Chris Schimmoeller says the point of the skit was to show the cozy relationship coal companies have with lawmakers.

“Big coal has big money running the state and it’s holding our state back from so many things we need to be doing,”  she says.

I Love Mountains Day falls on Valentine’s Day every year. It’s focus is to end the surface coal mining practice commonly called mountaintop removal. Last year, KFTC occupied the governor’s office for several days. Protests and occasional sit-ins outside the office have occurred ever since.

“Yeah we thought we’d do something fun to kind of celebrate the sit-in to this point,” Schimmoeller says. “We’ve been doing it almost a year, close to a year and we thought it’d be a nice build up to I love Mountains Day and we’ll all be here at I love Mountains Day as well, of course.”