A national group that hopes to give voters more choices in this year's presidential election is bringing its campaign to Kentucky.

Americans Elect wants to field a presidential ticket in all 50 states. The group will nominate a candidate through a primary online at AmericansElect.org. The group will soon petition to get a candidate on the ballot in Kentucky.

“We will begin collecting signatures for shortly, probably in a month, we will collect 10,000 signatures and the requirement is 5,000,” says Spokeswoman Ileana Wachtel.

So far, the group has put a candidate on 27 state ballots, including Ohio's. Another border state, Tennessee, is currently reviewing the group’s petitions. The candidate is unlikely to win the race, but Wachtel says Americans Elect hopes to weaken the two-party system.

“And this is about creating a unity ticket and getting out of that duopoly that really the stranglehold on our nation,” she says.