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Members of a coalition called “Silence Over Thunder” are concerned noise from the Thunder Over Louisville air show will disturb Louisvillians who are refugees of war-torn countries or who have served in the military during war. Sam Avery with the Louisville Peace Action Community says to some, the air show is a frightening display of military power.

“And it’s understandable that they make America look and feel strong and powerful. But, in fact, they make us choose between being American and being human. And we believe in being both,” said Avery.

The group is hosting a “Peaceful Skies Picnic” at Americana Community Center. They’ll also be at Thunder Over Louisville – handing out pamphlets and talking to Thunder-goers about their concerns with the air show.

Kentucky Derby Festival officials say the Thunder air show is not intended to glorify war, but to salute those who serve in the armed forces and showcase some of the country’s military aircraft.