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A south Louisville activist group called Stop Invisible Taxes has set up an ethics tip line for Metro Government. The group sees the service as an alternative to the city’s soon-to-be-established official tip line.

A contract for the city tip line will be awarded by July 1st. It will be operated by a third party and proponents say it will be nonpartisan and anonymous.

Paul Holliger with the Stop I.T. group says he doesn’t trust the city to fairly handle the government tip line. He won’t reveal his tip line’s benefactor, and he says people will just have to trust his service more than the city’s.

“There’s going to be a number of government employees that’ll be perfectly comfortable using the government tip line. More power to them,” he says. “If that is their level of comfort than who I am to say that they’re decision is incorrect? We are an alternative. We can’t force anybody to use us, we can’t force anybody to trust us.”

Holliger says calls to his line will be investigated and reported to the proper authorities.