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A Cincinnati-based group called “Save the Delta Queen 2010” is still looking to buy the 84-year-old steamboat and resume full overnight excursions on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. The excursions stopped in 2008 when the boat lost its federal exemption to fire safety regulations.

Spokesperson Vicki Webster says the group submitted a bid to the boat’s current owners to buy the vessel in November, and she hopes for a response this month.

“We’re still waiting to hear from Ambassador’s and their broker they’re just being very, very slow in this whole process so we’re just still waiting to hear their decision about the winning bid,” she says.

Webster says they will also have to renew the fire safety exemption. She says once they find out if their bid has been accepted, the group will file the necessary legislation.

Currently the Delta Queen is serving as a floating hotel in Chattanooga.