Louisville Metro Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton, D-5, is hosting  a public meeting for residents on Monday to address growing traffic concerns.

Every Sunday dozens of motorists flock to Shawnee and Chickasaw Park to take part in makeshift events, but residents are upset about the noise and cruising that takes place.

Hamilton says neighbors have complained about the increased traffic, and the forum is to discuss what steps the city will take and if common ground can be reached.

“Cruising has returned to the West End,” she says. “Buses can’t get through. EMS probably could not get through. We’re not against people having a good time, but it’s gotten out of control sometime.”

Former Mayor Jerry Abramson shut down crusing associated with the Kentucky Derby six years ago amid concerns over public safety as the weekend festivities grew. The practice still goes on in certain parks, says Hamilton.

The forum will also address concerns about the  condition of Chickasaw Park, such as sinkholes and basic maintenance. Metro Police and Public Works officials will be on hand to discuss enforcement of various parking laws and others issues.

The meeting will take place at the Shawnee Golf Course Clubhouse at 7 p.m.