Petitions are being circulated in Hardin County to change the liquor laws in three cities.

The group Hardin County United is supporting efforts to expand restaurant and package liquor sales in Elizabethtown, Radcliff and Vine Grove. Vine Grove is currently entirely dry, and consultant Luke Schmidt—who has worked with the Food with Wine Coalition—says the other two cites allow limited liquor sales.

“Restaurants with at least 100 seats and with 70% of their revenue from food sales are allowed to sell liquor by the drink, however no package liquor sales are allowed,” he says.

Schmidt says more open alcohol sales would help the cities compete for residents and jobs as Fort Knox expands. These initiatives often face challenges from some businesses and religious-minded lawmakers. However, if enough signatures are collected through the petition campaign, the issue can be placed on the ballot in the three cities without going before any local legislative bodies.