Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

Third District congressional candidate Larry Hausman unveiled his plan for the country’s health care system today.

The Republican says health care costs in America started going up exponentially when the majority of families got their health insurance through employers – and didn’t care anymore how much it cost.

“And so my solution attacks the premise of how do we get people to ask how much things cost again, and the answer to that is simply: it needs to be their money,” says Hausman. “The only way they’re really going to care is if it’s their money.”

Hausman says he wouldn’t mandate it, but in his ideal system, more workers would get a pre-tax health care stipend to use in a health savings account. He also favors tort reform and allowing health insurance companies to compete across state lines.

Hausman faces four other republicans in the primary: Todd Lally, Jeff Reetz, Jerry Durbin and Brooks Wicker.

Incumbent democrat John Yarmuth is unopposed in his primary.