Local News

by Stephanie Crosby

Starting tomorrow, the Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness will be offering free HIV tests for three days. It’s leading up to National HIV Testing Day on Sunday.

Spokesperson Kathy Harrison says national health organizations estimate some 200-thousand people in the U.S. are HIV positive and don’t know it.

“The earlier you find out, the better, because with treatment and care, you can live a longer and healthier life,” says Harrison. “So we really encourage people to be tested and to know their HIV status.”

Harrison says the free tests will be conducted at three different locations in Louisville over the next three days.

They’ll use an oral swab method that doesn’t require a blood draw, and can produce results within 20 minutes.

Locations for free HIV testing:

Thursday, June 24 – Salvation Army – 831 S Brook St – 11am-2pm
Friday, June 25 – 850 Barrett St. Suite 302 – 2pm-5pm
Saturday, June 26 – Jo-Mitra’s Hair Salon – 5040 Poplar Level Road – 10am-2pm