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The major party candidates for Louisville mayor squared off Wednesday at the monthly meeting of the Louisville Forum

Democrat Greg Fischer and Republican Hal Heiner (pictured with Forum President Dot Ridings) outlined their positions on merger, the bridges project, and funding for libraries and the arts and other issues.

On the topic of the city’s relationship with state government, Fischer said if elected, he would invite the General Assembly to hold a session in Lousiville.

“If your biggest customer asks you to come and do a strategic planning retreat at their corporate headquarters, what would you do? You would say ‘I’m there.’ We’re the biggest source of revenue for kentucky, let’s hold a session of the legislature here so we can showcase our community, show them where they need investments here, and how that can help the state,” Fischer said.

Heiner says state lawmakers from Louisville should build a coalition with those from surrounding counties to try to get a better return on local tax dollars that go to Frankfort.

“The only thing Frankfort respects is the votes,” Heiner said. “It’s time for Kentucky to invest in cities again.”

You can hear the entire debate by clicking below:

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