An ambitious plan for increasing the number of college graduates in Kentucky, while decreasing financial barriers was discussed in Frankfort Thursday.

Right now, 43 percent of college freshmen in Kentucky enter the university needing remediation.  And in this tough economy, even students who can handle the academics often find they can’t afford college.  The colleges and universities want to do more to help, says Council on Postsecondary Education President Robert King. 

“Using our resources in higher education to help support the achievement the mission of K-12.  And that mission, as you’ve heard Commissioner Holliday articulate, is to get every student college and or career ready upon graduation,” King told a legislative panel.

King outlined an ambitious plan that gets the universities more involved in GED and K-12 programs, including teacher development, internships and research, economic and community outreach programs.  He says the schools will have performance targets, and promises lawmakers will get frequent updates on the progress being made.