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By Rick Howlett

Indiana Congressman Baron Hill said today he’ll oppose any new effort to privatize the Social Security system.

The 9th District Democrat is responding to a proposal from Republican Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin that would allow workers to invest their Social Security taxes through individual accounts.

During a stop in New Albany, Hill (pictured at right) said the plan is too risky and he’s signed a pledge that he won’t support it. He has also been calling on his Republican opponent in the November election, Todd Young, to do the same.

“It does need to be fixed,” Hill said. “There are some unfunded liabailities. But it’s not a Ponzi scheme like my opponent has said. Social Security is a sacred trust between the federal government and senior citizens. It should not be trivialized as a Ponzi scheme.”

In a written response, Young (left) dismissed Hill’s pledge challenge as a campaign tactic and said Hill has yet to formulate any new ideas to insure the program’s solvency.

Rick Howlett is host of WFPL's weekly talk show, "In Conversation."