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Hopkins County Attorney Todd P’Pool is seeking the Republican nomination for Kentucky Attorney General.  P’Pool dropped by the Secretary of State’s Wednesday office to fill out his paperwork and pay the qualifying fee.

“My family’s been in Kentucky since the 1800’s and it’s time to have an attorney general that knows the values of Kentucky, and shares the values of Kentucky, and to have an attorney general that will protect our jobs.”

P’Pool admits he has a unique name, but doesn’t think it will pose a problem for Kentucky voters.

“I’ve been elected twice in Hopkins County,” he says. ” And my name usually gets a good pause and sometimes a good chuckle.  So, I give Kentucky voters a lot of credit for knowing what the issues are and I look forward to getting out all across the commonwealth and meeting a lot of people and letting them know what I believe in.”

So far, P’Pool is the only candidate to qualify for the office. Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway, who lost to U.S. Senator-elect Rand Paul this fall, hasn’t qualified yet, but has announced his intentions to seek re-election.