The Kentucky House Appropriations and Revenue Committee has heard a third day of testimony on Medicaid.

Senate Republicans want to use across-the-board cuts to state agencies, including education, to balance Kentucky’s Medicaid budget. But State Budget Director Mary Lassiter says there already have been eight budget reductions totaling $1.3 billion since Gov. Beshear took office in 2007.

“In general, most state agencies – the agencies that weren’t listed on that exempt list – have been cut, on average, 25-to-30 percent over these four fiscal years – FY ‘08, ‘09, ‘10,’11, and there’s more to come in ’12,” she says.

A House budget committee vote on legislation balancing the Medicaid budget is expected Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, House Democratic and Republican leaders are meeting behind closed doors trying to craft a bill they hope will be satisfactory to Senate Republicans. None of the proposals being tossed around include cuts to education.