Kentucky House Democrats are enlisting Governor Steve Beshear for electoral help.

In addition to fundraisers and public appearances with candidates, Governor Steve Beshear is now appearing in TV ads asking for broad support for House Democrats.

The airs are airing in Central Kentucky, where Democrats hope to win some seats from the GOP.

“The Republicans are throwing a lot of junk in your mailbox, on your TVs and radios, full of attacks and half-truths,” says Beshear in the ads. “They did it to me last year and now they are doing it to my friends.”

Beshear does not say specifically what those lies are. He also says if Democrats maintain control of the House, they will work with him on his key issues.

“House Democrats and I will keep working together to balance the budget, prioritize job growth and protect education,” he says.

Republicans need to pick up 10 seats on Election Day to take control of the chamber from Democrats.